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♥Paradise Kiss♥

Carpe Diem

25 July
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.Welcome .To. Miri-chan's. Journal.

Miri-chan is a fun-loving, easy-going girl who likes gaming, sleeping, and hanging out with friends. She watches anime, draws, sings [albiet not very well], reads manga, takes pictures, and writes [too much]. She is also loves playing DDR and exercising, along with watching Korean soaps. She likes to eat sour things, like pickled plums and pickled apricots...and...PICKLES...she likes to sit in the rain, get her back massaged, and use lots and lots of good-smelling shampoo [from Philosophy]. She also loves rainbows and sunshine, and the smell of a blanket when it just comes out of a dryer...

She sings acapella [or tries to, rather], and loves Cadence and Four Shadows. She also listens to Crystal Kay, L'arc en Ciel, Porno Graffiti, The B'z, The Pillows, Third Eye Blind, Linkin Park, and last but not least, No Doubt.

Sometimes her mood swings from happy to sad within a few seconds, but rest assured--it almost always bounces back. She has a wonderful boyfriend, who has been with her for only a few short months [but it feels like forever]. She attends college, and hopes to be an English major, with a minor in teaching. She is faithful to her friends, and will stand by them through everything and anything.

Miri-chan is guilty of sleeping in, being too lazy, and procrastinating...she can also seem uncaring at moments, but she really does care, underneath the tough exterior. She is afraid of opening up to people, but is slowly learning the benefits of saying everything she thinks, regardless of outside acceptance.

...think you can take it? Leap right in!


**brentmisato -- big brother
**alsie -- older sister
**illuminesce -- younger sister
**ravenblack59 -- sister